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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jet Li and Steven Spielberg Jokes

Jet Li walked into a pub in New York with his pal. He says to his pal: “Hey! That’s Steven Spielberg over there! God, I wish he’ll come over to say “hi”.

Spielberg suddenly walked over and gave the man a punch on the nose.

Li : “Hey!! What that’s for?!”

Spielberg : “You bloody Japanese killed my granddad when you
bombed Pearl Harbour!”

Li : “I’m not Japanese! I’m Chinese!”
Spielberg : “Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, you’re all the same!”

Spielberg walks back to the other side. Then Jet Li calmly walks over to Spielberg and gives him a really heavy punch on the face.

Spielberg : “Hey! What that’s for….. !?!”


Spielberg : “No, I didn’t, an iceberg sank the Titanic!”

Li : “Iceberg, Carlsberg, Spielberg, you’re all the same!”

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